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August 2018 Agenda21course.com Newsletter

Table of Contents

Children are being euthanized in Belgium

Millionaire Democrat Wants To Tax Parents With More Than Two Kids As “Irresponsible Breeders”

Nurses in Australia may soon have to apologize for being white before treating minority patients.

Very low sentences for African migrants after ‘bloody gang rape’ of 13-year-old girl in Sweden

YouTube Is Fighting Back Against Climate Misinformation

Good News: Rasmussen: Black approval rating of Trump now at 29%

Critical Action Item: How to Support Jim Jordan’s attempt to be Speaker of the House

Theme of Newsletter

For over a hundred years Progressives have relentlessly fought to turn America away from her Judeo-Christian, capitalist roots into an underachieving atheist, socialist/communist country through the use of social (in)justice, economic (in)justice, and environmental (in)justice. If these three Progressive tactics are not discredited and discarded, as these articles below show, no one will be safe from their harm. Continue reading

December 2016 Agenda 21 Course Newsletter

 Table of Contents

Greenfield: American Uprising

Is Planned Parenthood affiliate fueling anti-Trump protests?

It’s Time to Fight

This Organizations Will Critically Need Support during Trump’s Presidency

Final Thoughts: Why the Resistance Must be Addressed and Your role in it

If You Need a Little Inspiration (a way cool video)

 Greenfield: American Uprising

 It is imperative that we remember we cannot bring America back to her nationalistic, conservative roots without putting the right politicians in the right positions. We cannot strengthen our military, create peace through strength, turn our schools back into places where our kids actually receive a quality education without being indoctrinated into the ideology of the Left, protect our national sovereignty, save Christians from persecution and exclusion, protect the Constitution from destruction, and revive traditional family values unless we put the right politicians in place-and keep them there.

For these reasons the defeat of Hillary Clinton and her Progressive agenda was critical. The victory of Donald Trump along with the continued control of the House and Senate provides perhaps the last chance to stop the transformation of America through the application of the three (perverted) pillars of Agenda 21; environmental (in)justice, economic (in)justice, and social (in)justice. It is imperative that the Trump administration reverse the effects of this horrible ideology.

Please take a moment to reward yourself for all that you did to give America another chance by getting Trump across the finish line. To receive you well-deserved pat on the back, click on this link.

Is Planned Parenthood affiliate fueling anti-Trump protests?

Yes, we have taken control of all branches of the government, but will the will of the People, who have clearly rejected the Obama/Clinton policies, be respected?

 If the Left was not the Left, we could assume when President Obama says he is “instructing his team to make sure there is a peaceful transfer of power to Donald Trump”, indeed that would be the case. However, when organizations on the Left foster, and in many case fund anarchist protests around the country, and Obama does not speak out against it, one is lead to believe in reality Obama has no plans to allow a peaceful transfer.

To add insult to injury, many of these riots are paid for directly or indirectly with your tax dollars and organized by some of the most despicable of the Leftist organizations. To learn more about how organizations like Planned Parenthood are doing their part to interfere with the smooth transition of the Trump presidency click on this link.

Continue reading

Erase – A Political Thriller by Tom DeWeese

Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center has been fighting against Agenda 21 policies for over two decades. He has just written his first political thriller, Erase, which as you might suspect incorporates many of the aspects of Agenda 21 into the plot. To read more about the book, please click on this link.

CLEAN POWER PLAN: EPA foes threaten Supreme Court battle to freeze climate rule

The EPA has yet again created another rule, the Clean Power Rule, to cripple, through excessive regulations, the coal industry.  27 states and a number of trade groups attempted to obtain a stay to prevent the EPA from implementing these regulations.  To learn whether those in opposition to this new EPA rule were successful and to learn more about these regulations which, as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow, will increase the cost of your electricity, click on this link.

To learn exactly how these regulations affect your state use this user-friendly interactive map by clicking on this link.


WATCH: The Anti-Migrant Video Going Viral Across Europe

Alongside the Agenda 21/sustainable development world being created by the extreme Socialists and Communists on the far Left is a parallel universe. This parallel universe is also being driven by Progressives-people who understand that the goals they wish to achieve may take generations. Like the Progressives on the extreme Left these folks will do virtually anything to achieve ultimate victory. Finally, like the Progressives on the extreme Left, these people wish to take control of all the people on the Earth and all of their behaviors. These people are the Muslims around the world who are committed to the Jihad.

We who understand Agenda 21 know that it is critical for the developed countries, especially the United States, to be weakened financially, culturally, and militarily in order to make them less able to defend themselves from internal and external forces. Once this is accomplished, it is much easier to create a new Global Order. If you are a fan of a One World Order, this actually makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense is where the Islamic Terrorists fit into this. Certainly Islamic terrorism aids in destabilizing the world, which in turn should hasten the creation of a New Global Order, but who in their right mind actually believes that the Muslim world will “play nice” within this new global framework? While the global elite of the world are pushing for a New World Order based on sustainable development, the Islamic terrorists, as shown by the articles and videos provided in this newsletter, are committed to the destruction of the Western civilization and the creation of a World Order based on shari’ah law. These two philosophies, one where we will live barely subsistent lives in order to protect the environment and one where we will be forced to convert to Islam (or perhaps part ways with our head), are mutually exclusive. Who will win? Hopefully neither, but that depends on whether we, the American people, educate ourselves, not just about Agenda 21, but also on the tenets of Islam. We cannot protect ourselves from that which we do not understand. Nor can we protect ourselves simply by knowing where the threats lie. We must use whatever resources we have available to push back against both of these ideologies that pose such awful threats to our culture, liberty, and our lives.

All that said, the immigration of Muslims into Europe and elsewhere is not immigration. It is invasion. The Muslim term for this type of immigration/invasion is Hijra. The goal of Hijra is to subvert and subdue non-Muslim societies and pave the way for the eventual, total Islamization of the host society.

If you have any doubt of this, please watch this shocking 19 minute video by clicking on this link.

Bureau of Land Management set to close 600 miles of Colorado Roads

Closing roads is a very effective way to advance the Wildlands Project.

In Mesa Verde County in Colorado, the Bureau of Land Management (under direction of the Federal Executive Branch) is closing over 600 miles of public roads in spite of strong push back from citizens, local government, and the strong possibility that the agency is not following either state or federal law.

In this article, the agency, after some initial efforts to get the locals to go along, simply forces the local governments to submit; leaving the only recourse for the local government expensive time-consuming litigation, and the citizens without critical roads. This is an example of how, as the federal government grows, the Feds can reduce the effectiveness of local government preventing it from protecting its rural citizens from federal abuse.

One more comment, remember road closures prevent economic activity by those who wish to harvest the resources on and under the ground. Every time Bambi wins, economic activity of our natural resources, coal, oil, oil shale, natural gas, minerals, trees, etc. is stifled. Without strong economic activity, we cannot be a prosperous nation.

To read this article, click on this link.

Republicans outfox Democrats on climate votes

In November (2014) the legislators in Washington D.C., both old and new, were given a mandate to stop the left’s redistributive and green agenda. Now that the lame duck session is over, it is time for the Republicans to get to work.

On January 21, 2015 the work began. The Senate Republicans, through a series of amendments revolving around the Keystone Pipeline legislation, eventually voted to agree the climate was changing, but would not be maneuvered into saying that the change was being driven by man’s activity.

To read more about the tricky maneuvering used to sidestep the left’s attempt to legitimatize Climate Change, follow this link.

NOTE: Remember, President Bush the Elder, a Republican, signed the treaty Agenda for the 21st Century (aka Agenda 21). While we must be happy the Republicans this time resisted the efforts to blame man for climate change, we must stay vigilant to keep the Republican Party consistent in its efforts to resist sustainable development policies.

Try, Try, Again-Mo. Lawmaker’s Bill Would Protect Private Property From Agenda 21

Missouri Representative Mike Moon appears unwilling to allow the veto last year by the Missouri governor of a bill to stop property right infringement through the use of Agenda 21 policies to remain unchallenged. On December 12, 2014, Representative Moon introduced House Bill 216. While currently not on the House of Representative calendar, we must hope for its further advancement, as what happens in other states affects our own. To learn more click on this link.

Utah to seize own land from government, challenge federal dominance of Western states

Thirty-one percent of our nation’s land is owned by the federal government while 63.9 percent of the land in Utah is owned by the federal government. This prompted Utah to pass in 2012 a bill to attempt to force the federal government to return to the state control of over 20 million of its acres-by December 31, 2014-along with the ability of the state to garner economic activity from the land and the minerals under the land. It is a state vs. federal rights issue with serious implications for the several other western states that find themselves in the same predicament. This situation will not resolve quickly-if at all-but bears watching.

To read the actual bill click on this link.

To read a brief (1 page) informative legal overview of the issue, click on this link.

To read a series of talking points that explains, among other things, why certain states after statehood managed to force the feds to give them ownership of their own land, while others, like Utah, did not, click on this link

Worlds Largest Solar Plant Applying for Federal Grant to Pay Off Its Federal Loan


Yet another solar project is in financial trouble. The renewable energy giant, NRG, and Google borrowed $1,600,000,000 ($1.6 billion) from the federal government to build a solar power facility in the Mojave Desert called Ivanpah. Since its start-up in December of last year (2014), the facility has only produced a little over 25% of the predicted electricity. Now the company wants to receive a grant (read that as your tax dollars) for $539,000,000 ($539 million) to pay off their federal loan with your money so that they do not have to use their own money.


This story is emblematic of all that is wrong with sustainable development policies because it contains so many of the typical green-scheme-gone wrong-elements such as 1)faulty data was used to predict an outcome (think Climate Change Model) , 2)crony capitalism was used to acquire a sweet deal from the federal government, 3) taxpayer dollars (aka grant money) are being used to reward a private company for poor performance, and 4)controversy over whether an environmental initiative actually helps the environment. For example in this case is the carbon footprint reduced enough by using solar energy to justify the death-by-frying of thousands of birds caught up in the intense rays of the solar facility? (Of course we know the carbon controversy is in itself a scam meaning the birds are being sacrificed for no good reason.)

To learn more about this latest green-scheme fiasco, click on this link.