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Developer proposes townhouses to serve refugees in Akron’s North Hill; council passes legislation supporting state tax credits for $10 million project

For those of you who live in Ohio, or those who want to see how greedy local governments can be enticed to give up their local control and implement social justice policies, click on this link to read about plans to build a refugee housing complex in Akron, Ohio so illegal aliens can be provided for on the taxpayer’s dime. Once there they will be encouraged to “navigate not assimilate”. To learn more, click on this link.

Episcopal Diocese of Ohio purchases Hostile Valley Park

In Northeastern Ohio the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio has bought a camp, whose teaching will be centered around sustainability and the education and practice of social justice. This should trigger a series of questions. Should any church be advancing Agenda 21, and in so doing advancing the political goals of the Left? How soon before the government and the Church runs out of “other peoples’ money” to redistribute, and what happens then? Finally, at what point does the government and, in this case, the Catholic Church, become one and the same? To learn more, please click on this link.