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Notes to go Along with Henry Lamb’s Confronting Agenda 21-Three Part Video Series

These are the notes that go along with all three of Henry Lamb’s three part video series Confronting Agenda 21. By copying them and reading them while you watch the videos, you will have a much easier time understanding the many important points that are made. Continue reading

Want to see crazy?

This is your chance (Run, if you can!) to see bureacracy in action. This is the “Notice of Funding Availability for HUD’s Fiscal Year 2010 Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant Program”. To think that some federal employee is paid to write this tedious gobbly-gook. Page after page explaining in confusing/vague terms how your federal government is using your tax dollars to promote social, economic, and environmental justice. It is enough to make your head explode! link

Henry Lamb: Confronting Agenda 21 Part 1

This first video in the very valuable three part series focuses on the various ways that NGO’s and City Planners manipulate the input of citizens to create the desired data to justify their Sustainable Development plans.

Note: Henry Lamb is no longer alive. He was one of the earliest opponents of Agenda 21 and a mentor to Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center.

Obama’s Plans for Ohio

This is a extremely well written article which demonstrates how regional governments will attempt to redistribute the wealth from the suburbs to the inner cities. This article, written by Stanley Kurtz, is adapted from his new book, Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities. link

Regionalism:Sneaking America Into World Governance

This is an excellently written article that explains how the federal government created regionalism with the intent of using it to replace local control and as an aid in taking our private property rights. When local government meets their short term needs by accepting grants from their regional governement, local government is cooperating in the very process that will make local control obsolete. Please click on this link to learn more. link

Regionalism-The Blueprint for Your Serfdom

This an excellent article by long time opponent of Agenda 21, Michael Shaw. He will explain how regionalism is a key strategy in implementing Agenda 21 in our communities and a threat to our representative government: link

Map of Regional Governments in Ohio

Regional Governments in Ohio

The Ohio Association of Regional Councils comprises 23 agencies serving more than 1,500 municipalities, villages, townships and counties and representing 10,500,000 residents of those communities around the state.

The regional governments in Ohio collectively have the ability over time to break down America’s Constitutionally formulated government structure.

Regional Government Map

Henry Lamb: Confronting Agenda 21-Part 2

In this second video in the three part series on Confronting Agenda 21, the focus is on Comprehensive Land Use Plans. Comprehensive Land Use Plans are the instruments that convert the vision of the future of land use in your community into binding law/regulation. That is why it is important that in the first video in this series, you learned that when the planners use the Delphi Method on the citizens, the Comprehensive Land Use Plan represents, not the vision of the citizens for the future, but that of the Planners and NGO’s. Because it is their vision, it means that they are setting up through the Comprehensive Land Use Plans the future human settlement, cores, corridors, and buffer zones. As Henry Lamb states, “Comprehensive Land Use Plans turn the free market into a managed market and a managed society.”

Guardian UK 10:10 Vile Eco Terror Video

Agenda 21 is being implemented through the use of grants, indoctrination, and regulation. Once the majority of the population has been “trained” to accept these new policies, it is time to bring the last of the “resistors” into compliance through intimidation. This very disturbing video was done as an advertisement in 2010 in the United Kingdom (United Kingdom is further down the path of Agenda 21 than is the U.S.) to “encourage” the population to reduce their energy usage by 10% in 2010. PLEASE KNOW THAT THIS VIDEO IS VERY GRAPHIC AND NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN.

Henry Lamb: Confronting Agenda 21-Part 3

Part two of this three part video series made it clear that Comprehensive Land Use Plans once approved create binding laws and regulations complete with the police powers necessary to enforce them. In this third video in the series, Henry Lamb attempts to give you the knowledge necessary to go into a Visioning Meeting and outsmart the NGOs and Planners. He also provides advice on how to stop a Land Use Plan from even getting off of the ground, what to do if the Land Use Plan has made it to a draft stage, or what to do if the Land Use Plan has been approved.