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Trump Pardons Ranchers Who Inspired Armed Stand Off

Neither Communists nor Socialists believe in property rights. Neither do extreme environmentalists believe in property rights although for a different reason. Extreme environmentalists believe the ‘average Joe’ could not possibly know how to protect the land, so ‘average Joe’ should not be allowed to own land. Hence, the creation of the Wildlands Project (see Lesson 2 at www.agenda21course.com) with it goal to force citizens off of the land and into “human settlements” where they can be contained and controlled. The more land the federal (and state and local) government controls, the closer to fruition will be the Wildlands Project.

This is why the final outcome to the 2016 41 day stand-off between Ammon Bundy and his supporters and the Bureau of Land Management on a Oregon Wildlife Reserve is so very important. To be reminded of the facts of the two plus year saga and to celebrate the win for property rights (and slap-down to the Wildlands Project) watch this short video by clicking on this link.