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Why Black Lives Matter (This will not be what you expect)

If you do not believe abortion is wrong or believe in God or if you do not feel comfortable listening to a really raw, brutally honest video, you should not watch this 2 minute video. That said every American should be required to watch this video. Your call, but, if you choose to watch, click on this link.

June 2020 Agenda21course.com Newsletter

Table of Contents

Editorial on the Condition of America as the Deep State Goes into Scorched Earth Mode

The Media and the Deep State-One and the Same

Archbishop Viganò’s powerful letter to President Trump: Eternal struggle between good and evil playing out right now

Short summary of Agenda 21 and the goals and tactics of the Progressive Globalists (useful as a tutorial for anyone new to the topic)
Editorial on the Condition of America as the Deep State Goes into Scorched Earth Mode

The Deep State has wrung out as much societal change from their social (in)justice and climate (in)justice efforts as they can and it is now time to up the ante. For this the Deep State must remove its mask, change tactics, and create anarchy far and wide.
Make no mistake we are in a fight to the death for the survival of a free and prosperous America.

That The Deep State has for decades been attempting to destroy America, but until now, the efforts have been done in such a way that only the tuned in citizen, like you, understood the true objective. Those times are over. That said it is important to continue to resist the efforts by the Deep State to use the COVID 19 Plandemic and the death of George Floyd (and all future African American deaths by cop) to advance United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century and the ultimate takeover of the globe, its people, and its wealth.

These two events, COVID 19 and George Floyd, were simply crises, which were too good to be allowed to go to waste-and they have born terrible and evil fruit.

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The Media and the Deep State-One and the Same

This short face book video does a really great job of summarizing the politics surrounding Black Lives Matters and those who gain power and wealth by escalating minority rage. To learn about this along with other relevant points please click on this link. (Please note before watching know that the language is not always for polite society.)

Public School Teacher Behind Violent Antifa Group

the major anarchist groups, Black Lives Matter, By Any Means Necessary, Anifa, Black Bloc, Resist, etc. do not always show up on streets inciting fear and violence. Sometimes they are in your children’s classrooms, on your school boards, and at the highest levels of the National Education Association. If you think about it, this makes these anarchists even more dangerous than the street thugs. These anarchists are perpetrating harm on defenseless children by indoctrinating them into flawed Leftist ideology while teaching them to be anarchists. To learn about the continued corruption of our public education system by radicals, click on this link.

A Beginner’s Guide To Alt-Left Groups: Get To Know America’s Anti-Intellectual Domestic Terrorists

Today the vast majority of violent protests emanate from the Left. These Leftist groups are well-funded and organized-and far from organic. These poor fools, or at least some of them, actually believe that by creating anarchy they can destroy America and re-create a better, “fairer” world. In reality their naiveté could get a whole lot of us killed while leaving behind total chaos. That said, take a anti-acid, a stiff drink, whatever, and educate yourself on Black Lives Matters (BLT), By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), Antifa and their offshoot Black Bloc, and Occupy Wall Street, which morphed into Resist, by clicking on this link.

Obama and Hillary Exploit Murdered Cops to Federalize Police

Likely you are all too aware of the Black Lives Matter movement. If you believe the folks, who participate and support this so-called social justice movement, are justified, perhaps you should do some research on the topic. A good place to start is to read Heather MacDonald’s book, The War on Cops. You might also do some thinking about the long term ramifications of this movement.

What happens to the law abiding folks in the most crime-infested areas of our society if the police are unwilling to enter those areas or, if once they enter those areas, they choose to ignore the criminal activity? Making the police afraid to enter these neighborhoods will not make the minority community a better nor safer place to live. Then again, if you are the Progressive Democrats trying to convince the minority community that they are victims of a racist police force, and that your political party is the only one that sees it and cares, it is a total winner at the ballot box. If minority folks in minority communities die, that is just the price that must be paid for “progress”.

However, there is more at play in the Black Live Matter movement than solidifying a voting block for the Progressive Left. To read how the Black Lives Matter movement will destroy local control of our police departments, as the feds continue to federalize yet another piece of America, click on this link.

What Does “Black Lives Matter” Believes

Many people buy into many of the Leftist causes, like those espoused by Black Lives Matter, because in the moment it feels good to be part of something bigger than themselves or because it feels good to do something “kind”, or because it is the latest “cause” of the moment or they have just plain been brain-washed into thinking it is the right thing to do morally or because they have been made to feel guilty for their successes, or perhaps it is as simple as they don’t really know what BLM believes and the ramifications of those beliefs.

This article makes it very clear what Black Lives Matter believes-even if you only read the headings. Please read (and share) this critical article by clicking on this link.

From the Author: Do You Know the Difference between Equality and Equity?

You hear these terms thrown around all day long, but do you really know the difference between these two critical terms?

Equality basically means everyone is treated equally under the law. You may not start out with as much as someone else, but with hard work, you should prosper based on your own skills and effort to create a maximized outcome. With equality there is no guarantee of an equal outcome for all but the individual has the ability to set his own goals, succeed or fail on his own merits and keep the fruits of his labors.

Equity means, if you start out in life with less than others, it is the responsibility of “others” to “elevate” you to the same level as everyone else. Equity would create an equal outcome for all. What that equal outcome would be is unclear and who is responsible for determining it is likely a bloated government meaning the individual has no control over the outcome.

 Synonyms for Equity include social justice, redistribution of wealth and socialism.

Here is a link to a really common visual depiction of the difference between equity and equality.

In the picture on the left three boys of different heights are attempting to look over a fence. All three boys are standing on a box of identical heights. The difference in the three boy’s height gives the tallest boy an advantage looking over the fence. This picture depicts “equality”.

 In the picture to the right the boy of middle height still stands on a single box, while the tallest boy has no box because his box has been added to the shortest boy, who now has two boxes on which to stand to see over the fence. Thus all of the boys have an equally good view over the fence. This picture depicts “equity”. The solution to the problem seems perfectly reasonable, right?

But does this analogy hold up for more complicated things? For example how will equity be established, if some people have more financial resources than others?

Let’s say two boys have different amounts of money in their pockets. The boy with more money could create equity by CHOOSING to give enough of his money to the other boy until they each have the same amount of money. To achieve equity the boy with the greater amount of money DONATED his money VOLUNTARILY to the other boy to create equity. This, too, seems perfectly reasonable. This is called compassion.

But what if some outside party becomes aware that one boy had more money than the other boy and FORCED the boy with the greater amount of money to give to the other boy the appropriate amount of money to create equity? This certainly will also by definition create equity/social justice/redistribution of wealth but some would be inclined to instead call it theft and say it is a great injustice. 

The reader should now see why every citizen needs to understand the difference between equity and equality. In a world run by equality every citizen should be equally protected by the law and able to make the greatest uses of their talents to enjoy life, liberty, and happiness. In a world run by equity those citizens, who have less, even if it is because they put no effort into improving their lives, would be entitled to reach into other citizens’ pockets to provide for their needs with the end result that everyone will be equally poor.

 Further in a system based on equity some of the citizens will have contributed more to the system than others but will have some of the fruits of their labor taken from them and given those who produced less. This ultimately eliminates the desire to excel.

It could be easily argued America has already implemented many equity-based social programs, which have moved her quite far down the path towards socialism. All that is needed is to fully implement the Black Lives Matter and/or the Green New Deal along with reparations to totally convert America into a Socialist country.

Which path America takes will be decided by which citizens, those who favor equality or those who believe in equity, are willing to work harder on a daily basis to achieve their goal.