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Matt Thompson story: U.S. cattle feeder fears power of sustainability groups

The Progressives are rather brilliant in their vicious tactics. When the peace-love-dove-hippy movement did not make a great enough political impact from without, the leaders of the movement embedded themselves in the government to change it from within. This strategy works on all level of society. If the Progressives do not like something, they infiltrate it and take it over. That appears to be what is happening in our beef industry.

It is common knowledge cattle release carbon dioxide and methane. Both gases are responsible, if you are to believe the Greenies, for the ultimate death of our environment. So all the Greenies have to do to fix this problem is to pretend they want to help the cattleman save the environment, then infiltrate the cattle organizations and regulate the cattleman into bankruptcy. This tactic will give a whole new meaning to the old Wendy’s commercial where the old lady cries, “Where’s the beef?” (And eventually “Where are the pork, chicken, lamb, my pet dog, cat, and horse because, as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow, they are the next to be in the cross hairs of the Greenies). To read more click on this link.