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March 2017 Agenda21course.com Newsletter

Table of Contents

Stop Multiculturalism
I Have a Plan to Destroy America by Richard D. Lamm

Call Out Corruption
Tucker Carlson Takes on Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune
GOP Wants to Eliminate Shadowy DOJ Slush Fund Bankrolling Leftist Groups

Fight the Scam that is Climate Change and the Illusion of Sustainability
Another Climate Alarmist Admits Real Motive Behind Warming Scare
The Hidden Agenda of Sustainability Illusions- A MUST READ!

Good News
Trump Orders EPA Review of “Horrible” Obama Water Decree

We, the conservatives, may have won the election, but we are far from winning the war to save America from the Left. We are indeed in the fight of our life. Each of us must understand how this fight must be fought and our part in that fight. Continue reading

An Inconvenient Truth: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Are Falling Under Trump

The latest data points to a cooling planet, which makes reducing green house gas emissions a pointless or possibly a harmful goal. None the less, in this convoluted world in which we live, where so many uniformed citizens believe in Global Warming, this article provides valuable, rarely provided information to combat said ignorance. To learn more, click on this link.