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Guess Who Legislatively Advanced Agenda 21 Twenty eight Years ago

It is sad so few people know of the existence of United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century especially when its negative effects on the world are so obvious. So the next time you try to explain to friends and family what it is,  just to have them look at you like you must crazy, send them to the link provided below.

This link takes you to H.Con. Res. 353 (102nd Congress- 1992) a Democratic sponsored House bill. This bill, which did pass in the House but not the Senate, would have committed the United States to the total implementation of Agenda 21.

This bill was sponsored by a much younger, Nancy Pelosi. Three of the four co-sponsors of this bill (found in other research) were Rep. Charles Schumer, Rep. and Rep. Bernie Sanders. Even back then these three were thick as thieves colluding to destroy America.

If you read this legislation, you should notice virtually all of the items listed in the proposed 1992 bill have been or are being implemented-even though it did not pass in the Senate. To read the bill, click on this link.