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Islamic Threat (Video)

Across America the Islamic migration/invasion is being defended by invoking religious freedom and diversity. Certainly Islam is about religion, but it is also about a lot of other things-many which go against America’s core beliefs. PLEASE watch this 5 minute video to learn how you can convince others, especially diversity-loving liberals, that to support Islam is to abandon liberty, free speech, women’s rights, human rights, religious freedom, gay rights, and critical thinking-not to mention advancing fascism. To watch this very powerful video, please click on this link.

To watch a 2 minute video, which clearly shows that even our states, through wrong-headed policies,  are willing to discourage assimilation of Muslim immigrants click on this link.

I Have a Plan to Destroy America by Richard D. Lamm

Over a decade ago Former Democrat Governor of Colorado, Richard Lamm, gave a great speech on how multiculturalism would be used to destroy America. This speech, sadly, was prophetic. This speech provides a clear understanding of the role multiculturalism has played during the 21st century in the destruction of America and her culture and for that reason alone is well worth reviewing. To do so, please click on this link to listen to the speech on the Mark Levin radio show or you may read the speech by clicking on this link.

Suggestion: When anyone tries to tout the greatness of diversity, you counter by saying only by embracing  our similarities, rather than our differences, can we create the better outcome; unity. Only through unity can America survive to meet the needs of all of her citizens.

Trump admin to undo Obama-era rules promoting diversity in college admissions: report

It is common knowledge colleges have too often allowed race to trump academic achievement in deciding who they will accept. Placing so much emphasis on diversity in the college setting creates in a thinking person a slew of questions. How fair is this to those who worked hard to achieve the higher grades and yet are not accepted? How many of the doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. that are graduating from college are not “made of the right stuff” and who will be a unknowing victim of this potential incompetence? Finally, even if the attempt is made to justify these policies by saying it is simply social justice, when will enough ‘justice’ be dished out, allowing our society to return to a system free of social justice policies? Apparently Donald Trump’s administration is attempting that leveling process now. To learn more, click on this link.