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  November 2018 Agenda21course.com Newsletter

Table of Contents

     Understanding Agenda 21 and the Goals and Tactics used by the Progressives

     Trump administration finalizes birth control opt-out policy

      California’s Paradise Lost

The Bureaucracy Is Now More Powerful Than Congress

President Donald J. Trump Is Upholding the Rule of Law and Ensuring Consequences for Those Who Illegally Cross Our Border

The Humanitarian Hoax of Collectivism

Inspirational: Garbage collector pulls 93-year-old in truck to save her from California Camp Fire

 Understanding Agenda 21 and the Goals and Tactics of the Progressives
The goal of the 1992 United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century treaty (also called Agenda 21, sustainable development, or Agenda 2030) is to control all of the human behaviors of all the humans across the globe. To accomplish this the Progressives on the Left (and Right) for a hundred years have been  creating ways to control what you do, how you do it, where you go, how you get there, what you think, what you say, where you live, how many children you have, and on and on.

The three primary tools used to accomplish this are called the 3 E’s; social justice (identity politics, political correctness), economic justice (socialism and communism), and environmental justice (Global Warming/Climate Change and other environmental issues).

For the Progressives to fully implement Agenda 21 and gain control over mankind they must destroy our traditional Judeo Christian values, our legal system and law and order, capitalism, the Constitution, private property rights, Continue reading

President Donald J. Trump Is Upholding the Rule of Law and Ensuring Consequences for Those Who Illegally Cross Our Border

An absolute must, if America is to be destroyed by the Progressives, is the loss of our sovereignty. That is what is in play when illegal immigrants are used as political pawns by the Progressives. Read about President Trump’s latest efforts to stem the flow of illegals across our southern border by clicking on this link.

Rasmussen: Black approval rating of Trump now at 29%

Read why this number is so exciting by clicking on this link.

In a Win for Trump, Supreme Court Upholds ‘Extreme Vetting’ Travel Ban

Concurrent with Rex Tillerson’s decision to unhitch American immigration policies from that of the United Nations, the Trump Administration received an important immigration policy decision from the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court has granted temporary support for the Trump “extreme vetting” travel ban which limits travel from countries presenting heightened risks of terrorism. As we wait for a final Supreme Court decision on this matter, we can be encouraged by the number of justices who supported the temporary travel ban.

Also of interest in this article are the common sense statements made by John Malcolm, head of the Institute for Constitutional Government at The Heritage Foundation. After reading these statements one has to wonder how any judge-even a Leftist judge-could have possibly opposed his ban in the first place-and still look his children in the eyes. To read more click on this link.


President Trump Signs An Executive Order To Promote Healthcare Choice And Competition

Everyone knows President Trump lacks support, not just from the Democrats, the media, Hollywood, etc. but also from his own party, with the outcome being few significant legislative successes in 2017. This leaves Trump with only executive orders available to reform important problems like Obama Care. While executive orders are in most cases less desirable than Congressional action, millions of Americans cannot wait for Congress to act. Their health care choices in many cases are nonexistent, and even if health care is available, the premiums and deductibles are so high it makes the use of their health care policies unrealistic.

This executive order allows millions of Americans a way to access health care going forward. As time passes with help from disgusted Americans the establishment swamp creatures can be voted out of office allowing non-swamp creatures (God willing) to finally repeal the not-so-affordable Affordable Health Care Act. To learn more about this executive order, click on this link.

Trump Orders EPA Review of “Horrible” Obama Water Decree

Hope springs eternal for two reasons; the citizen and the leadership provided by Donald Trump. If we, the citizen, refuse to be silenced and shoved to the back of the bus, and instead rally behind Donald Trump’s leadership, we may yet prevail. This uplifting article highlights how President Trump by undermining the Waters of the United States E.O. (WOTUS) with the stroke of his pen frees up immense economic activity while protecting our sacred property rights. Read this encouraging article by clicking on this link.


U.S. Cities Want to Join U.N. Migration Talks That Trump Boycotted

23 years after President Bill Clinton’s 1995 State of the Union speech on immigration President Donald Trump, by withdrawing the U.S. from the United Nations Global Compact on Migration, is attempting to fulfill the 1995 wishes of then President Bill Clinton.

Sadly the Bill Clinton era Democrat politician no longer exists. Instead today’s Democrat politician is much more likely to support Socialist and Communistic policy; anti-small government, anti-religion, anti-capitalism, anti-personal freedom, anti-sovereignty, etc. So it should be no surprise the politicians in the major cities around America are trying to reattach our immigration policies to those of the U.N. by meeting directly with the United Nations themselves.

It takes a lot of arrogance on the part of the big city politicians to demand a seat at the U.N. table to continue an ever increasing flow of immigrants into America, who will then require even more financial support from the tax payers while undermining America’s sovereignty. To read more, click on this link.

Trump’s one-two punch hits birth control, LGBT rights

On October 6, 2017 the department of Human Services, Labor, and Treasury released two final rules dealing with the objections arising from the Obama Care mandate to force companies to provide contraceptive services. The “religious rule” provides relief for those companies, both large and small, who hold a strong religious belief in the sanctity of life.  The “moral” rule can allow a company to require adherence to a specific moral code as a requirement for employment. Both of these rules will send the message the Trump administration respects and values Christian values. To read more click on this link.

If you wish to read a more detailed article on the topic, click on this link.