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December 2019 Agenda21course.com Newsletter

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What you need to know about Trade Agreements, Regionalism, BREXIT, Globalism, and the USMCA

Here is Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s victory speech in full

Pelosi OKs Vote on USMCA, Steppingstone to the North American Union

Educational: Short summary of Agenda 21 and the goals and tactics of the Progressive Globalists (useful as a tutorial for anyone new to the topic)

What you need to know about Trade Agreements, Regionalism, BREXIT, Globalism, and the USMCA

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The Riots In France Aren’t Just About Gas Taxes, But About The West’s Decline

European countries are decades ahead of America in the march towards socialism, globalism, secularism, and progressivism-all of which are advanced by open borders. This is one of the reasons currently many of the European countries are attempting to throw off the immigration burdens being placed on them by the EU and the UN.

However, arguably more important than the overthrow of these sovereignty-sucking ideas, is what determines the type of government which will follow and does this question also apply to America? To learn the answers to these two very important questions click on this link.

Donald Trump Comes Out Against Obama’s United Nations Internet Takeover

What’s at Stake in the 2016 Presidential Election?  Many things, including the loss of our freedom of speech? Freedom of speech has been under attack by the Progressives for a very long time. Tactics used to undermine the right of Americans to speak freely include political correctness, multiculturalism, and regulations like the attempt scheduled in early October 2016 to give control of the internet to entities outside of the U.S. If control of the internet is given into the hands of multinational corporations and the United Nations, conservatives in the United States and around the world who wish to speak out against globalism will experience a whole new level of censorship.  To read more, click on this link.

Editorial on the Condition of America as the Deep State Goes into Scorched Earth Mode

The Deep State has wrung out as much societal change from their social (in)justice and climate (in)justice efforts as they can and it is now time to up the ante. For this the Deep State must remove its mask, change tactics, and create anarchy far and wide.

Make no mistake we are in a fight to the death for the survival of a free and prosperous America.

That The Deep State has for decades been attempting to destroy America, but until now, the efforts have been done in such a way that only the tuned in citizen, like you, understood the true objective. Those times are over. They have said it is important to continue to resist the efforts by the Deep State to use the COVID 19 Plandemic and the death of George Floyd (and all future African American deaths by cop) to advance United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century and the ultimate takeover of the globe, its people, and its wealth.

These two events, COVID 19 and George Floyd, were simply crises, which were too good to be allowed to go to waste-and they have born terrible and evil fruit.

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George Soros’ Radical Criminal Justice Reform Is Undermining Law and Order and Reaping Poison Fruit

This story is a perfect example of how well-funded Leftists can by-pass our legislature where laws should be made, destroy our legal system, create chaos, and undermine our Constitutional Republic.

To watch a short video showing how George Soros is accomplishing this, click on this link.

Europe and nationalism: A country-by-country guide

This article provides an excellent overview of the growing backlash in many European countries against the United Nation’s and European Union’s efforts to force European countries to accept open borders, a flood of immigrants, and the ultimate loss of their sovereignty. To be encouraged by these efforts click on this link.

What you need to know about Trade Agreements, Regionalism and BREXIT,

Trade Agreements (can lead to regionalism)

As I am sure you know the Trump Administration is all about boosting our economy. One of the Trump Administration’s favorite tools for boosting the economy is through the use of trade agreements. The effort to open up China to more American products is currently being batted back and forth. Then there is the USMCA; a trade agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico, which will likely be voted on early in 2020.

These trade deals have tremendous ability to do good or to do harm. So what makes a trade agreement good-besides the obvious goal of creating improved economic activity for the participating countries? The answer is determined by how many and how deep are the strings/legal entanglements, which tie the member countries together.

You see, if there are too many strings, especially if the strings revolve around very complicated and likely contentious issues, there is a great likelihood those strings will at some point chafe one or more of the involved nations. If that occurs, who decides how the issue is handled? Do the individual member states decide or is there a higher court? If, there is a higher court, it will likely supersede the member states’ courts or governing bodies. If this is the case, national sovereignty and control has been eliminated and replaced by regionalism.

BREXIT (an effort to escape regionalism)

The European Union is a perfect example of a very bad trade deal. You only have had to watch the flood of immigrants from the Middle East overwhelm the social programs of the EU countries, undermine their native cultures, and bring a heightened level of violence to know this union of countries was in trouble on that one issue alone.

That said it should not have been a surprise when several years ago Great Britain’s voted to exit the European Union only to be prevented from doing so by an inability of the EU and Great Britain to agree on how to get untangled from each other.  This is why it is such a pleasure to include in this newsletter the victory speech given by Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party since July 2019, who just won control of the British Parliament on the platform of getting BREXIT done. Please, when you read Boris Johnson’s speech, notice within the speech the following statement.

“Leaving the European Union as one United Kingdom, taking back control of our laws, borders, money, our trade, immigration system, delivering on the democratic mandate of the people.

This statement makes it crystal clean, when a country chooses regionalism over national sovereignty, the country and more importantly its citizens sacrifice their freedom to choose their destiny. To read the entire speech, click on this link.