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Corrupting Healthcare: Public-private Partnerships

The Progressives on the left want Americans to believe, even as health care premiums and cost of health care rises,that the way to affordable health care is through nationalized health care. This article provides proof that the best way to provide quality affordable health care is by making use of the free market and capitalism. To learn more about this really fine hospital and the ways it drives down cost and drives up quality, click on this link.

The Doctor Won’t See You Now. He Has Clocked Out

PPP’s come in so many variations. Take Obamacare for example. As it morphs over time into its various forms, it is taking on all the trappings of a PPP of mega proportions. As this article points out, Obamacare is forcing more and more physicians to leave their private practice to seek the “protection” of large hospitals, where the government can play watch dog for the public in the private hospital setting. However, one should ask who is going to watch the government? Certainly not the hospital, as it becomes within its geographic area, a de facto monopoly ( another sign that this relationship is a type of PPP). The government in return has fewer health care facilities to control, making it easier to control what services the public can and cannot have. After all, even if grannie is relatively healthy, at some point is it really worth spending money on her? Of course no one on the left acknowledges that there are death panels, although they seem to be awfully fond of the Complete Lives System: link

Obamacare Travesty: IRS Fines Employers For Reimbursing Workers

The Left would have you believe their main reason for passing Obamacare was to make sure all Americans have health care. Then why, if an employer provides for their employee’s health care by paying them extra wages to cover the cost (instead of directly providing health care coverage), can the employer be fined by the IRS up to $36,500/employee/year? Why should the feds care how the citizen gets their health care, as long as someone is spreading the wealth and providing the citizen with health care?  Compare this to the $2000/employee/year fine that would be imposed on this same employer if he chose to make no provision at all to help his employees afford their health care. If you were an employer needing to watch your bottom line, which option would you choose ? This article provides more evidence that the real goal of the Left is not health care coverage. The goal is to force the citizen into a Socialist health care system in order to transform America into just another Socialist country which can easily be combined into a Global unit of other Socialized countries.

To learn more about this egregious situation, click on this link.