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February 2020 Agenda21course.com Newsletter

Table of Contents

  Is It Time to Call Democrats ‘Evil’? You Decide

  Four Good News Articles:

Protecting the Constitution: How Trump has reshaped the federal
judiciary, 3 years into his presidency

Protecting our Private Property: Trump rolls back clean water rules,               helping farmers

Protecting the Viability of our Social Safety Net: Trump administration boosts ability to deny green cards to immigrants using welfare programs

Protecting our Rule of Law: Attorney general announces round of lawsuits to confront resistance of ‘sanctuary cities’

Just for Fun: Entertaining Parody on Socialism

Educational: Short summary of Agenda 21 and the goals and tactics of the Progressive Globalists  (useful as a tutorial for anyone new to the topic)

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February 2019 Agenda21course.com Newsletter

Table of Contents

Short Summary of Agenda 21

MUST READ: Here’s The Full Text of Congress’ Green New Deal Resolution, Introduced by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

MUST READ: Lake Erie Bill of Rights…..LEBOR for short

Dems Pushing “Tech Wall” to Please Silicon Valley

Typhus Epidemic Spreads Across Liberal Utopia of Los Angeles Due to Mountains of Trash, Growing Homeless Population

 Deputy Prime Minister Salvini Stops Open-Borders Activist by Saying He Will Send Migrants to Live in the Activist’s House

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January 2019 Agenda21course.com Newsletter

Theme of this newsletter is how the radical Left has used social justice to guilt countries and individual citizens into accepting open borders and all of the negatives open borders create.

Table of Contents

Summary of Agenda 21 and the Tactics and Goals of the Progressives

Europe and nationalism: A country-by-country guide

A New Approach to Europe: U.S. Interests, Nationalist Movements, and the European Union

The Riots In France Aren’t Just About Gas Taxes, But About The West’s Decline

Bolsonaro Pulls Brazil Out of U.N. Migration Pact: ‘We Will Define Our Rules’

The ‘Green New Deal’ isn’t just ambitious — it’s insane Continue reading

The Riots In France Aren’t Just About Gas Taxes, But About The West’s Decline

European countries are decades ahead of America in the march towards socialism, globalism, secularism, and progressivism-all of which are advanced by open borders. This is one of the reasons currently many of the European countries are attempting to throw off the immigration burdens being placed on them by the EU and the UN.

However, arguably more important than the overthrow of these sovereignty-sucking ideas, is what determines the type of government which will follow and does this question also apply to America? To learn the answers to these two very important questions click on this link.

Bolsonaro Pulls Brazil Out of U.N. Migration Pact: ‘We Will Define Our Rules’

In the article “The Riots in France aren’t Just About Gas Taxes, but About the West’s Decline” the author’s final point centered on the importance, once the globalist government is over thrown, of finding a leader who has the best interest of the People in mind (think George Washington). It is just possible, but only time will tell, Brazil has found that leader. To read more about newly elected President Bolsonaro’s thoughts on immigration and national sovereignty click on this link.

Trump Administration Has Reduced Refugee Immigration to a Trickle

Do you know what a VOLAG is? Are you aware they receive from the federal government BILLIONS of your tax dollars to bring into this country thousands of immigrants, too many of whom are unwilling to assimilate and devoid of marketable skills. Once here, these VOLAGS sign the newly arrived immigrant up for as many free programs as possible-again on your tax dollars-only to then leave the long term unmet needs of the immigrants to their host communities-again more tax dollars consumed.

If you would like to know the names of these VOLAGS and more information about them, click on this link.

 February 2018 Agenda21course.com Newsletter

Table of Contents

     Sun is cooling. Are we heading for another Little Ice Age? Or Worse: Back to Ice Age?

     Christian parents lose custody of daughter after refusing to support her ‘transition’ to male

     New Jersey Middle School Instructs Students Islam Is the “True Faith”-Tomas More Law Center Files Federal Lawsuit (Must See Video)

     German Refugee Worker Admits She Was Wrong, Plans to Move to Poland

Study: Each Resettled Refugee Costs Taxpayers $15,900 a Year

GOOD NEWS: Judge backs California bakery’s refusal to make same-sex wedding cake, citing ‘artistic expression’

     ON THE LIGHT SIDE-the Best Commercial Ever

Sun is cooling. Are we heading for another Little Ice Age? Or Worse: Back to Ice Age?

Everyone should agree a great many factors in combination create climate. Climate is not a simple phenomenon. So, when Progressives insist the science of Climate Change is settled and is caused by man producing green-house gases, anyone with a brain should cringe.

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January 2018 Agenda21course.com Newsletter

Table of Contents

Autonomous vehicles are about to collide with the American way (A MUST READ)

Clinton, 1995, immigration, State of the Union Speech (Who knew?)

U.S. Cities Want to Join U.N. Migration Talks Trump Boycotted 

 New England Paying the Price for Its War on Coal

Trump proposes vast expansion of offshore drilling

Autonomous vehicles are about to collide with the American way

Those of us who understand Agenda 21/Sustainable Development/Agenda 2030 understand its endgame is the removal of rural folks to the city. Once accomplished the city dwellers will be controlled by the unelected bureaucrats who will take their orders for the Elite. Freedom, including the freedom to move around freely, will be a thing of the past. Can you say Wildlands Project? Continue reading

Five Reasons Why America Is About To Become A Very Conservative Country

To read this encouraging article, click on this link.

March 2017 Agenda21course.com Newsletter

Table of Contents

Stop Multiculturalism
I Have a Plan to Destroy America by Richard D. Lamm

Call Out Corruption
Tucker Carlson Takes on Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune
GOP Wants to Eliminate Shadowy DOJ Slush Fund Bankrolling Leftist Groups

Fight the Scam that is Climate Change and the Illusion of Sustainability
Another Climate Alarmist Admits Real Motive Behind Warming Scare
The Hidden Agenda of Sustainability Illusions- A MUST READ!

Good News
Trump Orders EPA Review of “Horrible” Obama Water Decree

We, the conservatives, may have won the election, but we are far from winning the war to save America from the Left. We are indeed in the fight of our life. Each of us must understand how this fight must be fought and our part in that fight. Continue reading