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April 2018 Agenda21course.com Newsletter

For Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 to be successful, the Constitution must be taken apart one amendment at a time.  The recent series of school shootings have moved the destruction of the Second Amendment to the front of that line. The Progressives are so desperate to destroy the Second Amendment they have organized and weaponized our school children in order to make them the “face” of the anti-gun movement. You see the Progressives know the purpose of the Second Amendment is to allow the citizens to protect their property, their persons, and their freedom-not just from other citizens but from a power hungry government. This the Progressives cannot allow. For this reason this newsletter is dedicated to informing on the important topic of gun rights.

 Table of Contents

Town Bypasses Constitution, US Citizens Given 60 Days to Turn in Guns Or Become Criminals

Gun advocates sue Deerfield, Illinois, over ban on assault rifles

After murder rate passed NYC, London Mayor Sadiq Khan calls for sharper knife control

London: Saturday Islamic terror attacks tipping point in campaign to destroy the West

Corporate Power Becomes Political Power as Bank of America Stops Lending to Some Gun Makers

INSPIRING: Mark Robinson Address Greensboro City Council on Second Amendment Continue reading

Pope Francis to Followers: “Koran and Holy Bible Are the Same”

I wish the quote in the article’s title was the only statement in this short article that makes my head explode. Sadly it isn’t. Actually it is amazing how in such a short article there could be so many statements that are just plain insane. The reader must decide for himself whether this pope could possibly be so naïve as to actually think that all we have to do to create world peace is to merge Christianity with Islam-as if that is even possible when millions of Muslims believe it is an honorable goal to kill non-believers. Of course if the Pope can perform a miracle and convince the Muslims to “play nice”, it does remove on huge impediment to the creation of a One World Order.

To read the article, click on this link.

WATCH: The Anti-Migrant Video Going Viral Across Europe

Alongside the Agenda 21/sustainable development world being created by the extreme Socialists and Communists on the far Left is a parallel universe. This parallel universe is also being driven by Progressives-people who understand that the goals they wish to achieve may take generations. Like the Progressives on the extreme Left these folks will do virtually anything to achieve ultimate victory. Finally, like the Progressives on the extreme Left, these people wish to take control of all the people on the Earth and all of their behaviors. These people are the Muslims around the world who are committed to the Jihad.

We who understand Agenda 21 know that it is critical for the developed countries, especially the United States, to be weakened financially, culturally, and militarily in order to make them less able to defend themselves from internal and external forces. Once this is accomplished, it is much easier to create a new Global Order. If you are a fan of a One World Order, this actually makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense is where the Islamic Terrorists fit into this. Certainly Islamic terrorism aids in destabilizing the world, which in turn should hasten the creation of a New Global Order, but who in their right mind actually believes that the Muslim world will “play nice” within this new global framework? While the global elite of the world are pushing for a New World Order based on sustainable development, the Islamic terrorists, as shown by the articles and videos provided in this newsletter, are committed to the destruction of the Western civilization and the creation of a World Order based on shari’ah law. These two philosophies, one where we will live barely subsistent lives in order to protect the environment and one where we will be forced to convert to Islam (or perhaps part ways with our head), are mutually exclusive. Who will win? Hopefully neither, but that depends on whether we, the American people, educate ourselves, not just about Agenda 21, but also on the tenets of Islam. We cannot protect ourselves from that which we do not understand. Nor can we protect ourselves simply by knowing where the threats lie. We must use whatever resources we have available to push back against both of these ideologies that pose such awful threats to our culture, liberty, and our lives.

All that said, the immigration of Muslims into Europe and elsewhere is not immigration. It is invasion. The Muslim term for this type of immigration/invasion is Hijra. The goal of Hijra is to subvert and subdue non-Muslim societies and pave the way for the eventual, total Islamization of the host society.

If you have any doubt of this, please watch this shocking 19 minute video by clicking on this link.

New Jersey Middle School Instructs Students Islam Is the “True Faith”-Tomas More Law Center Files Federal Lawsuit (Must See Video)

As you watch the video (link found towards end of article), regardless of your religious beliefs, ask yourself these questions.

Do you think a similar video presenting the Christian faith in such obviously glowing terms (or any terms for that matter) would be allowed in most of the public schools across America?

Then why is this indoctrination video for the Muslim faith being allowed in our public schools?

What are you doing (especially if you have children in the public schools) to make sure things like this are not being shown to the children in your community? (Suggestions: go through your children’s text books carefully, talk to your children daily about what goes on in their classrooms, attend school board meetings regularly and do not be afraid to speak out, donate to Conservative Organizations, like the Tomas More Law Center, who provide legal help in situations like this.)

To watch this culture changing/destruction of the Christian religion video, click on this link.