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President Donald J. Trump Is Upholding the Rule of Law and Ensuring Consequences for Those Who Illegally Cross Our Border

An absolute must, if America is to be destroyed by the Progressives, is the loss of our sovereignty. That is what is in play when illegal immigrants are used as political pawns by the Progressives. Read about President Trump’s latest efforts to stem the flow of illegals across our southern border by clicking on this link.

Fast-Track Would Give Obama Green Light To Form EU-Inspired ‘Pacific Union’, Surrender Congress’ Treaty Powers

This is not the first time the author of this website has sounded the alarm against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). By itself it is a bad piece of legislation for America but it is made worse if President Obama is given the right to Fast-Track it. Please read the joint statement released by U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest and U.S. Rep Duncan Hunter (R-CA) regarding the impending vote on fast-track executive authority and the threat that it poses to the rights and sovereignty of the America citizen, then please call your Senator ASAP! To read the entire statement from the Senators, click on this link.

The Trans-Pacific Treaty is a Huge Threat to American Sovereignty and Jobs

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is yet another trade agreement like NAFTA, only much worse, that will see jobs going overseas with the middle class the loser and the corporations again the winners. The TPP will merge the economies of many countries, including the U.S., decreasing our national sovereignty and taking the world just that much closer to a One World Order. TPP negotiations, which affect millions of people, are done behind closed doors, with no input from the citizens. To make matters even worse, there is an attempt to allow President Obama the ability to “fast track” this agreement. Fast tracking would put Obama in the driver’s seat, leaving Congress only minimal control over the process.

Note: The reader will note that my first link below will take them to the Huffington Post; a very far left group. However, in the case of the TPP both the far left and conservative right agree that the loss of American jobs overseas will hurt the middle class. This leaves only those special interests who want to benefit the big corporations, and by default, damage main street, to push the TPP agreement over the finish line.

To watch a very short video providing a summary of the TPP click on this link.

To read a more in-depth article about the Trans-Pacific Partnership click on this link.

Please Call Congressman Orrin Hatch: 202-224-5252

Thomas Jefferson said, “…trade with all, no tangling alliances with anyone.”

A New Approach to Europe: U.S. Interests, Nationalist Movements, and the European Union

The article “Europe and Nationalism: A country-by-country guide” made it clear many countries in Europe are rebelling against the EU and the UN’s efforts to destroy borders and national sovereignty. Learn what has triggered this multi-country pushback by clicking on this link.

The Lawless United Nations

Perhaps you would like (and I use the term “like” in this situation loosely) to learn more about Article 2, paragraph 7 in the United Nations’ Charter that, if followed by the United Nations, should prevent the United Nations from sticking its nose into the business of sovereign countries.  Article 2, paragraph 7, states

“Nothing contained in the present Charter shall authorize the United Nations to intervene in matters which are essentially within the jurisdiction of any state (aka country)….”

Unfortunately, as you will read in this article, it is in the best interests of the United Nations to ignore Article 2, paragraph 7 of its Charter and stick its nose in the business of other nations  in order to forward the effort by the elite to create a One World Order.

Lesson 7: Regional Governments Will Destroy Our Local Representative Gov’t

Speaker's GavelThis is the seventh lesson in a series of ten lessons on Agenda 21, commonly known as Sustainable Development. Today we will learn …

How Regional Governments Will Destroy Our Local Representative Government and Hastens a One World Order

It is impossible to create a One World Order unless borders are completely eliminated. Take the European Union as an example. All the nations of the European Union share the same currency, have a free flow of people across their borders, have a central tax system with the means to enforce collections, and a common court system. That said, are they really sovereign anymore? Do their borders serve any function anymore? After all, there is a reason they are called the European Union. Continue reading

Regionalism:Sneaking America Into World Governance

This is an excellently written article that explains how the federal government created regionalism with the intent of using it to replace local control and as an aid in taking our private property rights. When local government meets their short term needs by accepting grants from their regional governement, local government is cooperating in the very process that will make local control obsolete. Please click on this link to learn more. link

Regionalism-The Blueprint for Your Serfdom

This an excellent article by long time opponent of Agenda 21, Michael Shaw. He will explain how regionalism is a key strategy in implementing Agenda 21 in our communities and a threat to our representative government: link