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Learn How the Bilderberg Society Schemes to Create a One World Order

It is hard to imagine taking all the nations of the world, with all their many differences, and forcing them to become part of a One World Order. It is even harder to do. That said there is a group made up of some of the wealthiest and most politically connected people on the planet called the Bilderbergers and their goal is a One World Order and control over mankind. This article is for those who want to go into the weeds and try to figure out how this scheme against mankind is being orchestrated. It is not light reading, but it is fascinating. It supports, with names, dates, and events, many of the ideas presented in the first two lessons on this website. If the exact time-table for the unification of the United States, Canada, and Mexico is off by a few years that should not worry the reader, as a scheme of this magnitude is hard to execute with total control of the time-table. link

It is also suggested that when you get through with this article, that you go back up the page to where it says “The planned Destruction of Canada” or simple click on this link