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April 2020 Agenda21course.com News

Table of Contents

The Common Roots Of Climate Change And COVID-19 Hysteria

COVID-19 Projection Models Are Proving to Be Unreliable 

MN Senator and Doctor: Hospitals Get Paid More to List Patients as COVID-19 and Three Times as Much if the Patient Goes on Ventilator (VIDEO)

Police Raid Mississippi Church Drive-in Service
Action Item: What Comes After the Corona Virus

Bonus Article: Suspending the US Constitution: Police State Uses Crises to Expand Its Lockdown Powers

Tutorial: Short summary of Agenda 21 and the goals and tactics of the Progressive Globalists (useful as a tutorial for anyone new to the topic)
Note to Reader: There is no doubt COVID 19 pandemic is taking many lives with life altering consequences for families around the world. That is not debatable. What is debatable is whether this pandemic is being used to advance a Leftist political agenda. This newsletter will attempt to show an organized set of facts to suggest the latter is the likely answer.

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