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August 2018 Agenda21course.com Newsletter

Table of Contents

Children are being euthanized in Belgium

Millionaire Democrat Wants To Tax Parents With More Than Two Kids As “Irresponsible Breeders”

Nurses in Australia may soon have to apologize for being white before treating minority patients.

Very low sentences for African migrants after ‘bloody gang rape’ of 13-year-old girl in Sweden

YouTube Is Fighting Back Against Climate Misinformation

Good News: Rasmussen: Black approval rating of Trump now at 29%

Critical Action Item: How to Support Jim Jordan’s attempt to be Speaker of the House

Theme of Newsletter

For over a hundred years Progressives have relentlessly fought to turn America away from her Judeo-Christian, capitalist roots into an underachieving atheist, socialist/communist country through the use of social (in)justice, economic (in)justice, and environmental (in)justice. If these three Progressive tactics are not discredited and discarded, as these articles below show, no one will be safe from their harm. Continue reading

Americans are dying younger, saving corporations billions

The the death of Charlie Gard demonstrated the reality that the faceless Progressive government bureaucrats feel comfortable taking children from caring parents in the belief the state knows better than the parents what is best for the child-even if “the best for the child” leads directly to the death of the child. Further, it is not just the young with health problems whose lives will be cut short. The mature and old, under the Complete Lives System face the same threat. Think about the ramifications of that last statement for just a minute in regards to what that might mean to the solvency of our failing social security system. By shortening the natural lives of the mature and elderly by denying them health care options, the government will have fewer citizens for which to provide social security benefits in their later years-never mind that many of these same citizens paid into social security for decades for that benefit. How large of an incentive does this provide our politicians and bureaucrats to keep Obamacare intact?

But is support for the Complete Lives System confined to only the faceless Progressive government bureaucrats? Could major corporations outside of the government for a similar reason also benefit from these policies, and would it cause these corporations to throw even more of their weight behind the effort to not repeal Obamacare? To find out these answers please click on this link.

Ezekiel Emmanuel’s Reaper Curve

Charlie Gard’s parents were denied THEIR rights as HIS parents to attempt to protect THEIR child’s life because of something called the Complete Lives System.

There are times when the state must step in to protect children from neglect, but in the case of Charlie Gard his parents were being anything but neglectful. They were desperately trying to advocate for their child. It was the state which was preventing Charlie’s parents from attempting to meet Charlie’s health care needs-even though, due to donations and a willing American doctor-it would have cost the UK health care system nothing.

To see why, according to Ezekial Emanual, in the Complete Lives System doctors must be trained to ignore the Hippocratic Oath and the needs of the patient, and to see how long you and your family members might be allowed to live, if this monstrosity of a health care bill is allowed to stand, please click on this link.

UK Court Alerts Parents Across the Globe: ‘Your Children Are Actually The State’s’

Our Progressive public school system have over time made it increasingly difficult for parents to have a say in what their own children learn and believe, but Charlie Gard’s short life has exposed an even more terrifying threat to the primary role parents play in their children’s lives; that of protector of their children’s very life, health, and safety.

The judge, whose job it was to decide if Charlie’s parents should be allowed to go to America to seek treatment for their son, made this disturbing statement; “In this country children have rights independent of their parents.” To better understand the horrific ramifications of this quote to every parent and child on the planet please click on this link.

Agenda 21 Threat (Video)

Agenda 21 is advanced using a variety of strategies. This five minute video lists what it calls the nine tenets of Agenda 21. Because the video moves through them very rapidly, the nine tenets are listed below. Listing the nine tenets so rapidly allows the majority of the video to be used to highlight the 9th tenet, which will be expanded upon in a most chilling way.

9 tenets of Agenda 21

  1.  Move citizens off of rural lands and into urban housing.
  2.    Create vast wilderness areas inhabited by large carnivores.
  3.      Eliminate cars and create walk-able cities.
  4.     Support chosen private businesses with public funds for sustainable development.
  5.      Make policy decisions that favor public good over individuals.
  6.    Drastically reduce the use of power, water, and anything else that creates “carbon pollution.
  7.    Use bureaucracies to make sweeping decisions outside of the democratic processes.
  8.     Increase taxes, fees and regulations.
  9.    Implement policies that incentivize reduction of the population.

To watch this compelling video, please click on this link.

When you are done watching this five minute video, re-read the description of fascism provided in the introduction of this newsletter. You will see tenet nine makes it chillingly clear the full implementation of Agenda 21 would literally require a MASSIVE reduction in the global population and/or a MASSIVE reduction in the resources and services allowed for the population globally. It is hard to believe any government other than a Fascists government could accomplish something as heinous as this.

Tiny houses: Living Large in Small Space/DIY Network

The Democrats, when they own the White House, use the Dept. of Education to dummy down and indoctrinate our kids, ultimately saddling them with such huge college loans that their option of leaving home to create their own home and family is greatly restricted. At best many will settle for a “tiny home” scenario currently being made popular by shows now seen on the DIY TV channel. In this way the Progressives are stealing from the Millennials a belief in the American Dream.

Not too worry, since the Progressives are making it “cool” to live in what used to be considered a “backyard playhouse”, these Millennials may not even know that their dreams have been down-sized or the size of their homes have in essence created a built-in population control feature. To see examples of these “tiny houses” click on this link.