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Former Abortion Clinic Owner: We Pushed Sex Ed on Kids to Create a Market for Abortion

It is common knowledge the Left has controlled public education for many decades.  Likewise it is common knowledge the Left has forwarded the Pro-death abortion agenda for many decades. But it was only after reading this article that the author of this website became aware of the absolutely unholy alliance between the two.

Every single person in America- parents, grandparent, politicians, especially children old enough to understand the topic-should read this article. The level of deception being perpetrated by the education complex in conjunction with the pro-death advocates upon our children is staggering. The consequences of the trap they have laid will have lasting effects on our children until their dying day. It is not a long article-but so very critical. Please read it by clicking on this link.

Get Kids Out of Government School, AZ Education Chief Warns

This article makes it very clear, parents and grandparents, if you do not figure out a way to protect your kids from the educational dangers of our public schools, your children or grandchildren will be much less likely to reach their academic potential, maintain healthy morals based on our Christian beliefs and their belief in American exceptionalism and capitalism.

And, while this article is very good, an equally valuable comment at the bottom of the article is worth quoting. The comment was provided by Ohioan Karen Bracken; a strong voice against the public school agenda. Her comment warns the reader to beware of private schools, who accept vouchers. Bracken says,

“Voucher private schools are being sucked into the system. The school wants the money and the government wants your kids and vouchers are the funding scheme to get the private schools on board. The only safe choice, the only REAL choice is the choice YOU pay for directly. If you are afraid to home school just sign your kids up with Freedom Project Academy. It is teacher led, on-line, classical education and it is great. It is also very affordable. Registration usually kicks off in March. They also require parental involvement, which is really one of the best parts of home school. Only WE can save our children at this point.”

To read the entire article, click on this link.