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New Jersey Middle School Instructs Students Islam Is the “True Faith”-Tomas More Law Center Files Federal Lawsuit (Must See Video)

As you watch the video (link found towards end of article), regardless of your religious beliefs, ask yourself these questions.

Do you think a similar video presenting the Christian faith in such obviously glowing terms (or any terms for that matter) would be allowed in most of the public schools across America?

Then why is this indoctrination video for the Muslim faith being allowed in our public schools?

What are you doing (especially if you have children in the public schools) to make sure things like this are not being shown to the children in your community? (Suggestions: go through your children’s text books carefully, talk to your children daily about what goes on in their classrooms, attend school board meetings regularly and do not be afraid to speak out, donate to Conservative Organizations, like the Tomas More Law Center, who provide legal help in situations like this.)

To watch this culture changing/destruction of the Christian religion video, click on this link.

10 Years Of Obama’s Common Core, Betsy DeVos Announces ‘Frankly Devastating’ Results

When school curriculum sets your child up for failure, it is not just your child and family which take a hit. This is a national security issue.  Without educated children there is no part of society-health care, the building trades, technology, the military, heck, even our ability to get our fast food orders promptly and correctly prepared-which does not suffer.

Adding insult to injury, as school test scores drop, tax dollars in ever increasing amount are being sucked out of your wallets. Meanwhile our children are exposed to immoral sex education programs while being taught the injustice of white privilege, the dangers of MANMADE  global warming, and the wonderfulness of Socialism and Communism.

When you go to your school board meetings or contact your state school board members to reject Common Core, you are fighting for every child in this nation and for our nation’s very survival.  To read more click on this link.

U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Resolve Public Schools’ Double Standard in Promoting Islam while Disparaging Christianity

This is a perfect example of why we must pay attention to what is being done to our students in our public schools and push back against those who implement this travesty. Simply deplorable.

Learn more by clicking on this link.

Ohio House Passes Bill to Protect Religious Expression for School Students

Shortly after the US Supreme Court Declined to Resolve Public Schools’ Double Standard in Promoting Islam while Disparaging Christianity, Ohio’s House of Representatives passed a bill to protect the rights of all students to practice and honor their religious beliefs. While this may (or may not) have some impact on education, it would prevent student-usually Christians students- from being punished or marginalized for their religious beliefs.

This bill has been sent to the Ohio Senate for a vote. If you live in the state of Ohio, please consider contacting your senator in support of this bill.

To learn more on this legislative effort click on this link.