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Ten Things You Should Know if “Welcoming” (illegal) Refugees for the First Time

The federal government, through the “seeding” of illegal aliens into American communities, is transforming the culture and financial well-being of American communities. 

Across America waves of immigrants, many from countries that hate America, are being moved, in large numbers on the taxpayer’s dime, into neighborhoods called “receiving communities”. If your town is targeted, and you are concerned about the negative impact a large number of illegal aliens could have on your town’s economy, traditions, school systems, housing, health, etc., you should read this article to learn ways to prevent the acceptance of the illegal aliens by your town’s politicians (who are likely receiving money from the federal government to make this happen.). To learn what you could do in this situation, click on this link.

“White House Plans to Develop a Country within a Country of 15 Million New Americans”

The February 28th, 2015 article “White House Plans to Develop a Country within a Country of 15 Million New Americans” is yet another example of how Obama is redistributing the wealth of the American middle class. However, this recent memorandum does not just redistribute the wealth of the middle class, it re-locates the illegals in concentrated zones within “receiving communities” and establishes them as a “protected class”, which then allows them to receive benefits to the detriment of others without “protected class” status.

The likely outcome will be an overwhelmed financial system, loss of our national sovereignty, destruction of the middle class, no-go zones like exist in Europe, and one party/Democratic Party rule. Other than that it’s just great. To read this very disturbing article click on this link.

Developer proposes townhouses to serve refugees in Akron’s North Hill; council passes legislation supporting state tax credits for $10 million project

For those of you who live in Ohio, or those who want to see how greedy local governments can be enticed to give up their local control and implement social justice policies, click on this link to read about plans to build a refugee housing complex in Akron, Ohio so illegal aliens can be provided for on the taxpayer’s dime. Once there they will be encouraged to “navigate not assimilate”. To learn more, click on this link.