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July 2020 Agenda21course.com News


Important Message to the Subscriber of this Newsletter

If you subscribe to this newsletter, you must know dangerous people are attempting to destroy our Constitutional Republic by doing everything they can to defeat Donald Trump at the ballot box with the goal of totally socializing America. You likely also know, if your state is like my state of Ohio, you cannot rely on the efforts of the Republican Party to get Donald Trump re-elected in November.

That means for Donald Trump to get re-elected We the People-not the Republican Party-must become Trump grassroots activists-much like those, who during the Revolutionary War, outsmarted and outnumbered, still got busy, took personal risks, and pulled out a victory against the British.

I have been a grass roots activist for a decade, and now more than ever I need to focus on using my time and effort to help re-elect President Trump. For that reason I wish to announce I will not be creating any more newsletters until at the earliest December 2020.

It is no longer enough to put a yard sign in your yard and vote on Election Day. That is what most on the Right has done for decades and we now know where it has gotten us. Instead it is my hope you, too, will connect within your state with other grassroots activists and do your part to re-elect Donald Trump.

If you need motivation, imagine what it will feel like the day after the November 2020 election, if Joe Biden is declared President. Think what that will mean to you, your family, America and the world.

God bless America and our efforts to MAGA.

                                                                               Respectfully Submitted, Eileen