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Paul Harvey-If I were the Devil

Paul Harvey  was a famous conservative radio broadcaster for the ABCRadio Network. He was famous for, amongst other things, his The Rest of the Story segments. In the mid 1960’s he wrote and broadcasted several very similar versions of “If I were the Devil”, a 3 minute audio clearly explaining the tactics that would be used in the next half century to attempt to destroy America from within.  If you want to be astounded at his ability to predict the future, click on this link.

Networks Embrace ‘Catastrophic’ Warnings of Latest IPCC Report

What do you get when the media and a portion of the scientific community goes totally in the tank for President Obama and the Progressives in D.C. (formerly known as the Democratic Party)? Why a scam called Global Warming/Climate Change, of course. A scam that will provide the reason to collect more money for the left in the form of a carbon tax, as well as create mountains of regulations forcing “the transformation of society”. Who cares if the data doesn’t forward the narrative.

The October 2, 2013 article tells how, after the UN’s climate panel (IPCC) released its latest warning about “catastrophic” climate change on Sept. 27, all three broadcast networks that night fell over each other to sound the alarm of the danger of Global Warming. CBS even aired a claim about temperatures rising “more than 200 degrees.” link