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Freedom Foundation Lawsuit Alleges Mask Order Violates Free Speech, Compels ‘Virtue Signaling’

Nothing about COVID 19 illustrates the level of chaos surrounding this scamdemic like a discussion of the wearing (or not wearing) of face masks. As a former science teacher this seems like it should with a few carefully crafted experiments be a very easy thing to determine. Apparently these experiments have not been done or, if they were done, perhaps the results proved the masks were of little or no good-something the Left would not like to admit. After all, if we did not wear masks, the subliminal messages associated with wearing them, which benefit the Left, would not be sent.

Here are some of the subliminal messages wearing a mask can convey.

(Note: The “I believe in Agenda 21” mask is not likely one likely conveyed by a mask wearer.  Kind of odd it is included with the other Progressive messages.)

Whether the masks are helpful or not, subliminal messages like those shown are priceless to the Left. This means those forced to wear the masks are being asked to “say” something with which they do not agree. This makes it a First Amendment freedom of speech issue.

Fortunately the Freedom Foundation is bringing a lawsuit in Lewis County, Washington State to protect the freedom of speech of those who do not want, by wearing a mask, to send a message to other citizens.

The Freedom Foundation press release does a great job of discussing the freedom of speech issue, while discussing many of the issues which cast doubt on the need to even wear a mask and the legality of forcing citizens to wear masks. To read this valuable information, click on this link.