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Trump Orders EPA Review of “Horrible” Obama Water Decree

Hope springs eternal for two reasons; the citizen and the leadership provided by Donald Trump. If we, the citizen, refuse to be silenced and shoved to the back of the bus, and instead rally behind Donald Trump’s leadership, we may yet prevail. This uplifting article highlights how President Trump by undermining the Waters of the United States E.O. (WOTUS) with the stroke of his pen frees up immense economic activity while protecting our sacred property rights. Read this encouraging article by clicking on this link.


Exclusive: The UN starts toward New Control over the World’s Oceans

As if attempting to take control of all of the water in the United States through the Water of the United States Rule (WOTUS) wasn’t bad enough, now the Lefties are pushing to seize control of large portions of the oceans. To read the details of this latest abuse of property rights, click on this link.