Thank God, Good News!

All right everyone, take a deep breath!!

I am not a mind reader. But right about now I would guess you could use some good news. This has been a tough-but important-set of lessons to learn. That is why I am going to end this lesson on a series of positive notes.

The first positive is an obvious negative. Agenda 21 includes a huge number of issues, from a Constitution under attack, to open borders, to the tanking of our economy. So while this is true, knowing that if you connect all the dots, all of those issues are just symptoms of a bigger problem-Agenda 21. If you can stop Agenda 21, you can create an environment that will allow us to more readily fix the symptoms.

A second positive, is that Sustainable Development is a unifying issue. I cannot believe that any but a very small portion of America, if they truly understood the endgame desired by proponents of Agenda 21, would want anything to do with it. More and more Republicans and Democrats understand that both parties are responsible for this mess, and understand that we must unite, regardless of party affiliation to put an end to Agenda 21. Proof of this is that recently Glenn Beck, a staunch conservative, co-wrote a book, Agenda 21, while Rosa Koire, a democrat wrote Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21.

That brings me to the third good piece of news. Agenda 21 is finally coming out of the shadows and getting on the radar. On a national level the Republicans passed an extremely strongly worded resolution early in 2012, that set the groundwork to include Anti-Agenda 21 language in the Presidential Platform in the fall of 2012. link  Many states have passed Anti-Agenda 21 language through at least one of their state chamber, and we finally have a state, the state of Alabama, which passed the first Anti-Agenda 21 state law (SB 477). There are noises amongst Ohio’s Representatives, that they are considering sponsoring an Anti-Agenda 21 law. On a local level in Ohio, Marysville passed a resolution addressing their concerns about Agenda 21, and Pickaway County (Ohio) County Commissioners withdrew their membership to their regional government (Mid Ohio Regional Planning).

The momentum is starting to switch. It is true we are many years behind, and the folks that are trying to steal our freedoms, government, and our way of life, are well funded. But we have the secret weapon…

…YOU! By making it through the ten lessons in this course, you have prepared yourself to become part of the solution! While you can never know too much, and you should continue researching Agenda 21, you should now be ready to begin deciding in what way you wish to contribute to the effort to stop Agenda 21. Remember, we are all, each of us, like pebbles being thrown in a pond creating ripples. If enough pebbles are thrown into the water at once, we will not just make a ripple, we will make a tidal wave, and by so doing, remove Sustainable Development policies from our Republic. God bless you and your efforts!

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