The Grand Design: The Hidden Plan That Shapes U.S. Foreign Policy |

Words fail me as I try to describe to you the power of this item; a one hour and 16 minute video filmed in 1968 that explains the driving principles since at least World War II for our foreign policy. To say this video is illuminating, scary, and prophetic is an understatement. You simply must watch it, and you simply must send it to everyone you know. This should be required viewing for every single American above the age of 12. I believe I can guarantee that if you watch just the first 15 minutes, you will be riveted.

This video explains that America’s foreign policy (which has a huge impact on our economy and security here at home) has been designed for one goal; a New World Order, and goes on to explain specifically the tactics that have been, and are being used, to achieve this goal. The film also explains the only way we can stop the creation of a New World Order.

Even though the film is 46 years old, by the time you are done watching it you will have the answer to questions like these…

1. Why are illegal aliens from across the globe, not only being allowed to flood across our border, being openly invited? 2. Why, since World War II, has the United States never been allowed to win a war? 3. Why, when citizens within restrictive countries around the world, like Syria or China, attempt to establish democracies within their countries, has the United States refused them our help?4. Why has Agenda 21 been allowed to be implemented in countries all across the globe? 5. Why are we currently allowing Hezbollah to have equal standing with Israel, even though historically Israel has been our ally and Hezbollah is a terrorist organization?

PLEASE, watch this video by clicking on this link. When done, to demonstrate that the New World Order baton has been passed on to Barrack Obama, read this short article titled, Obama’s ‘New World Order’ Quote Will Creep You Out Even if You’re Not a Conspiracy Theorist .

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