The NBA-China Disaster Is a Stress Test for Capitalism

If you read Lesson 5 at on the topic of Public/Private Partnerships (aka Crony Capitalism), you understand American Corporations with their massive wealth and power have long since crawled in bed with all levels of government. By doing so corporations, which supply widgets and services, now have a massive impact on what bills make it to the floor of Congress. In return the corporations sign on to advance Agenda 21 through their many social, economic, and environmental policies.

This should make those who value capitalism very concerned that the corporations, rather than our votes and desires, are determining the direction of the country and that capitalism, as it was meant to be, may not exist.

If that is not twisted enough, through a single tweet by Daryl Morey, the general manager of the Houston Rockets team in support of the Hong Kong protesters, America has been made painfully aware these same corporations may be practicing international Crony Capitalism. The same corporations, who are supporting legislation which is good for their bottom line but not necessarily good for the People at large, are at the same time denying America citizens their freedom of speech in order to avoid offending China, supporting crimes against humanity in China, and fostering a more positive picture of Communism here in America.

In other words, before the NBA/China kerfuffle most of us were only worried about American corporations being in bed with our government. Now we also have to worry about those same corporations being in bed with other governments-arguably to the detriment of the United States.

To learn more about this incredibly important and complex issue please read this thoughtfully crafted article by clicking on this link.

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