The Trans-Pacific Treaty is a Huge Threat to American Sovereignty and Jobs

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is yet another trade agreement like NAFTA, only much worse, that will see jobs going overseas with the middle class the loser and the corporations again the winners. The TPP will merge the economies of many countries, including the U.S., decreasing our national sovereignty and taking the world just that much closer to a One World Order. TPP negotiations, which affect millions of people, are done behind closed doors, with no input from the citizens. To make matters even worse, there is an attempt to allow President Obama the ability to “fast track” this agreement. Fast tracking would put Obama in the driver’s seat, leaving Congress only minimal control over the process.

Note: The reader will note that my first link below will take them to the Huffington Post; a very far left group. However, in the case of the TPP both the far left and conservative right agree that the loss of American jobs overseas will hurt the middle class. This leaves only those special interests who want to benefit the big corporations, and by default, damage main street, to push the TPP agreement over the finish line.

To watch a very short video providing a summary of the TPP click on this link.

To read a more in-depth article about the Trans-Pacific Partnership click on this link.

Please Call Congressman Orrin Hatch: 202-224-5252

Thomas Jefferson said, “…trade with all, no tangling alliances with anyone.”

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