Trans-Pacific Partnership a Global Threat on Steroids

The Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement has the potential to provide the final knock out blow to America, as we know her, if it is allowed to be finalized later in 2013. A partial list of its very negative consequences include the undermining of national and state sovereignty, giving unfair advantages to foreign corporations-and domestic corporations, if they “play ball” with the feds(i.e. Crony Capitalism), banning buy American, and ceding a quarter of all of U.S. land to Foreign Control.

Just from this partial list, if you have finished Lesson 1-9 in this course, you can see that the  TPP is not about trade, but certainly about Agenda 21, redistribution of wealth, and the advancement of a One World Order.   Please read this article in its entirety to understand fully why it is so important to stop this freedom sucking agreement: link

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