Trick or Truth? What EPA and the Corps of Engineers Are Not Saying About Their “Waters of the U.S.” Proposal

For most of this year the federal government, specifically the EPA and the Corps of Engineers, has been forwarding a set of proposed regulations that would greatly expand the definition of “navigable waters”. The EPA and the Corps wants the citizens to trust that if the EPA and the Corps are allowed to expand the definition that the wet zone in your back yard or the intermittent creek that in the spring flows along the side of your house will not be included under the newly expanded regulation. Should you believe them? Hello! By now only the most naïve amongst us still trust the federal government to tell the truth.

Good news. The American Farm Bureau Federation, knowing that whoever controls the water, controls not just the water but  the land on which the water lays, in order to protect property rights, has in this article gone toe-to-toe with the EPA to tell you, the citizen, the truth about these over-reaching regulations. To learn more click on this link.

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