Trump Administration Announces One National Program Rule on Federal Preemption of State Fuel Economy Standards

Remember one of the many things that must be accomplished to complete the globalist agenda, is limiting our ability to travel far and wide and independently. The Progressives desperately want to restrict our travel options to the use of mass transit, bicycles, and walking. Where and how far mass transit can travel can be controlled by the elite, while walking and bicycling by their very nature restricts distance travelled. This is just one example of how the elite will gain control over the masses-but first Americans must be separated from their cars.

Anything that makes car ownership difficult will advance this goal. Likely the most important factor affecting car ownership is price. Anything that drives up price negatively affects car ownership and advances the “war on cars”.

To read why California’s emissions standards are bad for the entire nation, including Californians, click on this link.

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