Trump shrinks Bears Ears, Grand Staircase-Escalante monument in historic proclamation.

Much of the land in the Western United States is held under the control of the federal government. If land has been claimed by the federal government through the use of the Antiquities Act, the land is to all and extents and purposes off limits to man. This means mineral resources, recreational resources, etc. will be of no use to this or future generations. In turn this diminishes our freedoms and our economic prosperity.

Some not so informed citizens believe the loss to our freedom and prosperity is worth it if it protects the land. The reality is quite the opposite. As the federal government took on the responsibility of managing more and more land, the federal government became less and less able to manage the undergrowth and deadfalls in the forests. Fires, whether caused by nature or arson, once started spread faster and were more likely to spread over a greater area causing a greater loss of human and wildlife and a greater loss of valuable natural resources. How is this a good thing for Bambi and her friends?

(Note: It is a good thing if you are trying to advance the Wildlands Project. See Lesson 3 at for more info.)

This explains why the Executive Order by Donald Trump is so important. These two national parks still stay under the ownership of the federal government but allow the state and local governments more say in their management and a greater use of their resources. Those geographically closer to these parks are much more likely to invest the time and energy necessary to wisely use and maintain them. To learn more, click on this link.

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