U.S. Cities Want to Join U.N. Migration Talks That Trump Boycotted

23 years after President Bill Clinton’s 1995 State of the Union speech on immigration President Donald Trump, by withdrawing the U.S. from the United Nations Global Compact on Migration, is attempting to fulfill the 1995 wishes of then President Bill Clinton.

Sadly the Bill Clinton era Democrat politician no longer exists. Instead today’s Democrat politician is much more likely to support Socialist and Communistic policy; anti-small government, anti-religion, anti-capitalism, anti-personal freedom, anti-sovereignty, etc. So it should be no surprise the politicians in the major cities around America are trying to reattach our immigration policies to those of the U.N. by meeting directly with the United Nations themselves.

It takes a lot of arrogance on the part of the big city politicians to demand a seat at the U.N. table to continue an ever increasing flow of immigrants into America, who will then require even more financial support from the tax payers while undermining America’s sovereignty. To read more, click on this link.

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