UN Action Against Israel!

The reader is likely aware that in March House Speaker John Boehner invited Israel’s Prime Minister to speak in front of the Congress concerning Iran’s attempt to achieve nuclear capability. You are also likely aware that Obama’s nose was put out of joint because he had not granted Boehner permission to invite Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak in front of Congress. Fortunately for America and Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu stayed strong, spoke in front of Congress, spiked Obama’s guns and won reelection in Israel.

What does this have to do with Agenda 21?

If Agenda 21’s ultimate goal is to create a One World Order controlled by a group of elite and coordinated by the United Nations (and it is). And, if for this to happen, all countries must, one way or another, give up their sovereignty and their desire to be a separate and unique nation with unique customs and beliefs (and they must). Then strong leaders, like Prime Minister Netanyahu, who are unwilling to bend, and countries like Israel, who have a very strong nationalistic fervor, are a total threat to Obama and the Left and their plans to create a One World Order.

If Israel is not going to “play nice” and the United States Congress is going to support Israel, then the Left has to find a different way to force Israel to cooperate-but how? Wait for it-by using the United Nations. Efforts like this by the Left to supplant Congress with the United Nations to force Israel to negotiate with the Palestinians, if successful, help transform the way, and by whom, our country is governed.

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