UN Climate Summit: Obama Unleashes Another Executive Order

Regardless of the fact that President Obama’s poll numbers continue to slide, Obama and the leftist continue to fast forward the progress of Agenda 21.

On September 23, 2014 President Obama, on the same day that he spoke at the UN Climate Summit, signed an executive order that will allow the Climate Change crowd to double down on implementing even more programs to fight carbon pollution. In the article you can see that this EO can be interpreted so broadly that the Climate Change crowd will be able to justify a wide range of programs paid for, of course, by you and me.

The author goes on to make the extremely important point that if we continue to implement Climate Change policies, the result will be a weaker economy, which in turn will make America less able to finance the programs needed to mitigate the environmental consequences of Climate Change (not that there is anything to mitigate, as Climate Change is, as we all know, a scam). To read more about the impact of this latest executive order follow this link.

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