Welcome to the Agenda 21 Course

Agenda 21 CourseIf you are reading this, you must want to know more about Agenda 21. Well, good news-you have arrived at the right place!

This is the site of possibly the only Agenda 21 Course on the Internet. When you are done with the ten topical lessons and the accompanying materials, you will  understand what Agenda 21 is and its full impact on you, your family, and your country. Further, you will have enough knowledge to go out into your community and begin to change the course of America-for the better!  Do not hesitate. Dive right into Lesson 1-Introduction to Agenda 21.

Click here to view video lessons for the first five courses. Note: This site will eventually have all the ten lessons  in a video format.

Lesson 1:Learn the definition, short history, and the 3 E’s of Agenda 21.

Lesson 2: How America has been made to accept the scam called Agenda 21.

Lesson 3: How through the Wildlands Project private property rights will be destroyed and a One World Order implemented.

Lesson 4: Once confined to human settlements human behavior must be strictly controlled by Smart Growth strategies.

Lesson 5: Taking control of Wall Street and Main Street and their associated wealth must occur to create a One World Order.

Lesson 6: How the Feds use grants to help implement Agenda 21.

Lesson 7: Regional governments, created by the fed. gov’t., use grants funneled down from the fed. gov’t. to undermine the control of our local representative government.

Lesson 8: Explains how our people must be dummied down and indoctrinated to create good Global Citizens who think that they are here to serve the needs of the government (includes info. on Common Core).

Lesson 9: Explains how Non Governmental Organizations (such as the Sierra Club, Zero Population Growth, etc.) use of the Delphi Method to implement Agenda 21.

Lesson 10: Many ideas for how to activate yourself to stop the implementation of Agenda 21.

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