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Lesson 10: Stopping Agenda 21

Stopping Agenda 21This is the last lesson in a series of ten lessons on Agenda 21, commonly known as Sustainable Development. Today we will learn the…

Strategies that Will Help You Stop Agenda 21 from Destroying our Representative Republic

We can hope that the politicians, with no push from the people, will on their own find out, learn about, and address Sustainable Development through appropriate legislation. If hoping for something worked, we would all have won million dollar lotteries by now. No, hoping isn’t the answer. Continue reading

How to Win a Man-Made Climate Change Argument

Rules to Remember

 If you believe the climate is changing because of natural factors like sun spot activity, etc., and that man’s behavior is an insignificant contributor, then you must convince those who have been indoctrinated to believe the opposite. To do so, be sure to insert the word “man-made” whenever necessary into the argument.

While debating the topic do not get into the weeds. It is not necessary and will only muddy the waters.

As much as is possible ask questions rather than make declarative statements.

Finally, stay cool. Do not raise your voice or use expletives.

How this might work.

Someone makes a comment about how doomed we are because of manmade climate change and how important it is to do x, y, and z in order to save the planet.

You ask…

QUESTION 1: “Do you realize the planet has experienced many ice ages followed by warming periods in the past-long before man existed or before humans had any carbon footprint? (The assumption is they will answer yes.)

 QUESTION 2: So why do you think man’s behavior is the cause of global warming or cooling today and more importantly why do you think anything we can do can override the huge impact of Mother Nature? (They may start to spew irrelevant info. If so, remind them you agreed in the previous question that before man arrived on the scene the planet had warming and cooling periods. Then repeat question 2).

If this does not give them pause, question 3 should take the wind out of their sails.

Question 3: So, if you feel so passionately, that by changing our behavior we can stop Man-made Climate Change, what freedoms are you willing to give up to “save the planet”? Do you and your family rigorously and regularly ration your water use, buy your clothes at second-hand stores, refuse to use AC, ride your bikes to work and all errands, do you avoid vacation trips, do you grow your own food, wash your clothes by hand and hang them on the clothes line to dry, do you live in a “tiny house”, or do you just want politicians to pass feel-good legislation or worse yet, legislation which deprives the rest of us of our liberty?

After letting them squirm a bit, you could just say, of course none of this would help. MAN MADE Climate Change does not exist. The good news is man’s activity is not causing the climate to change so all of this is a waste of time anyway.

Note: You or your fellow debater might be tempted to suggest technologies, like “clean coal technology” or using alternative energies like wind and solar could solve the problem.  To go down this path again implies man can do something to stop Mother Nature from changing the climate. Do not go there nor let yourself be drug there. That is where you end up in the weeds!

Summary: Protecting the environment in many cases is a very good thing, but doing so will NOT stop the Earth from warming. It will, however, if the Progressives have their way, be the excuse used to steal all of our liberties.

Group wants to host ‘straight pride’ parade in Boston

John Hugo is president of Super Happy Fun America; a group organizing the Straight Pride parade later this summer (2019) in Boston. Hugo told Boston 25 News he’s fighting for tolerance for everybody.

How sad is it that in America today the majority is supposed to sit down, shut up, and allow minorities to direct society. Well, that might be about to change.

To learn more about the parade and the clever devices embedded into the parade, click on this link.

The Geography of the Anti-Agenda 21 Movement (aka anti-Agenda 21 efforts are working)

This article was written by folks who are keen on implementing Agenda 21 policies within the cities. They make it clear that the anti-Agenda 21 folks are making gains and should not be taken lightly.

It is gratifying to have our opposition refrain from calling us “conspiracy theorists” (or worse) and to acknowledge our successes in slowing their agenda. To learn more, click on this link.


Thank God, Good News!

All right everyone, take a deep breath!!

I am not a mind reader. But right about now I would guess you could use some good news. This has been a tough-but important-set of lessons to learn. That is why I am going to end this lesson on a series of positive notes. Continue reading

“One Page” How To Stop Agenda 21

STEP 1: EDUCATE YOURSELF! And tell others about Agenda 21. However, when you discuss Agenda 21, you must be prepared for questions. If you do not have answers, or you answer poorly or incorrectly, you may actually do more harm than good. Below are several good websites to visit. Continue reading

Stop Agenda 21-John Birch Society

Stop Agenda 21-The John Birch Society

This site was selected for two reasons, if you go on this page to the section headed “Take Action”, where it says “Ask your State Legislators for a Stop Agenda 21 Bill,” and click on that, you will have a super easy time contacting both your State Senator and Representative. This site does the hard part.  Also, in the same area is an “Agenda 21 Rollback Manual”. This manual will give you a lot more ideas on helping to stop Agenda 21 and helping to restore our Republic:  link

A Plan to Stop Agenda 21

This document is included, as supplemental material, NOT because the owner of this website is in ANY way being remunerated by Tom DeWeese, but rather because for any number of reasons, some folks may be unable or unwilling to fight Agenda 21 policies in any personal way, but understand what a threat it is to freedom in America. For those folks, they can make an important contribution by making a donation to the American Policy Center, to allow Tom DeWeese to bring Agenda out of the shadows and onto the National Stage. At this point in time, arguably Tom DeWeese is the only individual who is actively seeking to do this.  You can read his plan as well as the estimated expenditures needed to accomplish the plan:  link

How to Fight Back Against Sustainable Development

Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center, who has been fighting against Agenda 21 for over twenty years, provides excellent advice in this article about how to gather your forces to bring an end to the craziness that is Agenda 21: link 

U.S. Cities That Belong to ICLEI

U.S. Cities who have a Membership in ICLEI (as printed of in 2/2013)

NOTE TO READER: It would be recommended that you not assume this listing is totally accurate, as membership roles can and do change with time. Continue reading